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Spiritual Counseling

Prophetic Counseling

Spiritual counsel is not, and never should be, considered psychology.


Spiritual counsel is unique in that it is prophetic in nature and guided by the Holy Spirit. It comes through the Spirit of Counsel found in Isaiah 11:2. It is not advisement coming from intellect or experience; although, there may be personal parables in the counselor’s life that can be shared for clarity.


Ideally, we want to meet with you personally, but we have come to realize that, through this medium of internet ministry, not everyone who desires ministry can come to our campus. Because of this limitation, we can talk with you on a limited time basis by phone, email or Skype.


Please, contact our office at (817) 283-1700 to set-up a time for a phone call or Skype session.


I earnestly desire that the Lord’s counsel and His alone will come to.

Confirming Callings

We are exhorted to make our calling and election sure. (2 Peter 1:10)

Too many believers either do not know or are not sure about their calling.

Father God certainly has a call for every believer in His Kingdom and wants each of us to know what our calling is.

Prophetic counsel can confirm that calling. Such confirmation helps establish your personal vision or mission in life.

We will pray with you about this.

Knowing your Giftings

Depending on one's call, the Lord provides special spiritual giftings accordingly.


Every Spirit-filled believer has been given a gift or gifts by the Lord. It is important that we know what our true gifting is.

Some gifts can be imparted by the laying on of hands as in the case of Timothy through the Apostle paul.

If you need, we will pray and counsel with you about this.

Receiving Healings

Initially, we all come to the Kingdom needing healings.

Sometimes, the greatest challenge seems to be a physical problem, but their are broken hearts that must be mended and a sensory systems that need wholeness.

We sincerely believe in and minister divine healing. It often follows deliverance after the unclean spirits leave a believers body.

Reach out in faith and we will pray for you and/or anoint you with the oil of healing.


Although the majority deny it, confronting the unclean demonic elements in our personality and personal life is essential to our full entry into the Kingdom of God. (Luke 11:20)

Such core issues as rejection and bitterness will impede or pervert one's ministry.

The ministry of deliverance through the casting out and expelling of demons is a core part of our ministry. It is a major part of our calling and giftings.

If you are not in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, you can come for a weekend of ministry and stay in one of our guest rooms. There is no charge. The provision for everything we have to offer is by faith and the offerings of the family of God.

Call (817) 283-1700 or write for more information of to schedule a visit for ministry.

FIND OUT MORE about deliverance at DELIVERANCE TALK.

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