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About Micah Bell


I have been ministering deliverance to the Body of Christ since 1978. Following the beginning of my personal ministry and the laying on of the hands of Win Worley and Frank Hammond, both powerful deliverance ministers, the Lord began to lead people from all over the world to our little ministry in Richardson Texas. We had many of these stay in our home, some for a month or more and some just for a long weekend.


My wife, Linda, (who is now with the Lord) and I were richly blessed to have known and ministered with Frank and Ida Mae Hammond who authored the book, "Pigs in the Parlor." Frank was a spiritual father to me and we spent much time together.


Having been a Southern Baptist pastor for 10 years and then completely out of the ministry and away from the church for another almost 10 years, the dimension of the supernatural to help others was a new and thrilling experience. After my hiatus away from the Lord and deep into the things of the world, I never expected the Lord to want to use me again in His ministry.


The desire to help people had never left me, and when I saw why Jesus came to his people, the sheep of his fold, casting demons out of them, I knew this was a key for the Body of Christ.


Since that first evening of ministering deliverance years ago there have been wonderful experiences seeing the Lord set captives free, open prison doors, heal broken hearts and give beauty for ashes.

The Lord blessed us with a ministry center right in the center of the DFW Metroplex here in Texas. We are ten minutes away from one of the world's busiest international airports. Exactly, according to the prophecy given through Ida Mae Hammond, believers have been coming from all over the world to receive ministry and love from myself and our small Body of Believers as they spend time here in our guest facilities.


This has been and is my primary calling. What a blessing!

Micah Stephen Bell

PS. I am now remarried to Abagail Federici who has been with the ministry for over 20 years.

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