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Revelation 12:11 says: “They overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”  Not OR their testimony, but AND their testimony.

When folks can’t get free, there is always a reason or reasons. Sometimes it’s because of curses that haven’t been broken through the power of the blood and the spoken word. We have found that curses act as shields and fences around demons. These unclean spirits can be invoked to manifest during ministry, but they will not come out and stay out until the curse or curses have been discerned and broken.

My friend, Frank Hammond, author of Pigs in the Parlor, tells of an experience with a woman who came for ministry. Although Spirit filled, she was experiencing unusual difficulties in her life. Her children were suffering strange diseases and maladies.  She  was in constant torment. Following the direction of the Holy Spirit, Frank questioned the woman about any experience that would cause a curse.  This prompted her to recall the words of a woman who had worked as her maid. The maid had been caught stealing and had to be prosecuted. When dismissed, the maid angrily said: “You will have nothing but trouble for the next ten years.” Like most folks, the Christian lady disregarded the statement of her disgruntled maid, but as Frank began to pray with her and break curses, she and her children began to vomit. Deliverance manifested! (See Lev.  18:25).

Two years following the ministry, this Believer was still testifying of a turn-around and victory in her and her children’s’ lives!

Remember: ALL ANSWERS ARE IN THE WORD OF GOD. We need to dig deeper in the Word of God and get free - completely free.

After teaching about curses one evening, I began to minister to the people by simply speaking over them. As I broke family curses, two who had not been able to flow in tongues of prayer and praise began to rejoice in a new language. We discovered a key for those who have difficulty receiving their prayer language.

The following outlines and lists are for your personal study. Get your Bible and look up each Scripture. Read each listed biblical curse and consider if it may apply to you or your bloodline. If so, break its influence in your life by saying:  


“I break the curse of __________ off  myself, my family and my bloodline.”

Tremendous break-throughs have come to many lives by doing this in faith. There will be break-throughs for you!

I agree with you for this!

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