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Father in Heaven, I come to You now as a believer in Your Son Jesus Christ and fully accept His suffering and blood as my salvation into a new life. I ask for and receive Your Holy Spirit into my life and ask to be filled with that which only He can bring.

Father, I confess my need for full commitment to You and the truth of Your Word. Forgive me of all unbelief, compromise, rebellion and ignorance regarding Your Word and Your ways. I admit these attitudes have caused hurt in my Christian walk. I confess any bitterness I have held toward You because of the hurt and ask Your forgiveness for words I have spoken and thoughts of blame I have harbored.

Father, I ask You now for the daily bread promised in Your Word. I choose to trust You for all the essential provisions for my life here on earth as it has already been provided in Heaven. Give me the children’s bread to defeat the demonic giants in my and my family’s lives.

For all the times I have stumbled over family, career or job, finances and possessions and romance or marriage, forgive me and set aright into Your perfect will and obedience as I come into agreement with Your Word and choose to walk in its light and wisdom.

Father, I choose to seek out the principles in Your Word and live by them. Forgive me for breaking these principles and deliver me from the curses that have affected me and my ancestors because of these sins.

I break and loose myself from all ungodly influences of humanist education, carnal intellect and principalities of environment and home territory. I renounce every superstitious belief I have held or has affected my life.

I break and loose myself from all influences of witchcraft that has any influence in my or my family’s life. 

In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of David, Son of God, I remove every stone that has stumbled me in my Christian walk.

I trample on every serpent, crushing its head, and confessing its venom will not hurt me any longer. 

I trample on the scorpions that have stung me and ask for their poison to be purged from my life forever.

Father, I come knocking to break through the shell of my intellect and logic to open myself to the deeper revelations of Your Word. I ask for the egg knowing I will not receive a scorpion.

I commit myself to You, Oh, God now and forevermore.

I ask you, Abba Father, Yahweh, to make this so in the Name of Your Son and my Redeemer, Jesus, Yahshua.

This is my sincere Confession.


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